Road Legal N1 Homologation

Lead-acid / Lithium Batteries

Range 50 - 101 miles

The G4 Van Body is an ideal electric vehicle for last-mile and urban deliveries.  Homologated for road use the van body is a firm favourite for businesses small or large. The electric box van is compact and nippy, making it agile on the city streets.  Producing zero-emissions, it benefits not only the environment but also your bottom line.  Made from lightweight, high-quality materials and aluminium frame it has an impressive 1022kg payload and a generous 3.0m3 volume.  Dry freight panels with anti-slip floor keep loads stable, secure and safe during transit.

Ideal for Stop-Start Operations

Suited to stop-start operations, drivers can get in and out of the cab with ease for frequent pick-ups and drop-offs.  The G4 Box Van comes with lockable nearside shutter door keeping operators safely away from traffic, and left-hand drive is available ensuring drivers are never exiting the vehicle into traffic. The van body is also available with optional offside and rear doors for all-round accessibility. 

With a 750mm loading height, the operator can keep their back straight while loading and unloading, preventing stain and injuries.  Inside the van, a shelf separates parcels, positioned at practical loading height it makes sure operators are working at safe height levels.

Get More Delivers In

One of the many benefits of electric vehicles is they are silent to operate, which offers a more relaxing environment for operators to drive, but also allows for early morning and evening delivers, safe in the knowledge operators won’t be disturbing neighbourhoods.

Compact and Spacious

The box vans compact dimensions offer added versatility where other traditional delivery vehicles struggle.  The narrow width means the G4 Box Van can access restricted areas, paths and underground car parks with ease, while the 9kW lithium model can accommodate more than a 1-tonne payload within the 3m3 body.

A Comfortable Working Environment

The G4 offers a comfortable driving environment; the AC motor and 
McPherson suspension with helical springs and hydraulic shock absorber provides a smooth and comfortable ride.  Inside the aluminium cab, the driver and passenger seats are adjustable complete with three-point inertia seat belts. There is excellent all-round visibility, and fully glazed doors provide with views of pavement and kerb.


The G4 has a dual circuit hydraulic brake system with front disk brakes, drum brakes on the rear and a hand-operated park brake with torque limiting sensor.  The braking system also includes electronic regenerative braking under deceleration with a proportioning electric braking system.
The G4 includes a safety seat cut out whereby the vehicle will not operate unless the driver is seated.

Batteries and Charging

The G4 doesn’t require any additional charging infrastructure; the G4 comes with an onboard charger which charges via any 240v socket.

Available with either lead-acid or lithium-ion, the lead-acid offers an economical solution while lithium provides extended range and faster charging.

Both the lead-acid and lithium-ion are available in two sizes to choose from, ensuring the right battery size and technology is paired correctly to the application.

11.5 kWh 48v 240Ah lead-acid battery
15.4 kWh 48v 320Ah lead-acid battery
9.0 kWh 48v 190Ah lithium-ion battery
14.0 kWh 48v 300Ah lithium-ion battery

Battery Options

11.5 kWh 48v 240Ah Lead Acid

11.5 kWh 48v 240Ah Lead Acid

Onboard Charger

30amp High Frequency 8.5 Hour Recharge

Supply: 240v Single Phase

Current Draw: 12 Amp Input

Range (WLTP cycle): 50 miles

Body Options

Van Body

Box Van 3.0m3 body
Aluminium frame, dry freight panels with anti-slip floor
Lockable shutter door to nearside only with automatic LED interior light
Offside shutter door in addition to standard nearside shutter door

Rear shutter door in addition to standard nearside shutter door to nearside only with automatic LED interior light
Hydraulic tipping body, complete with aluminium deck (Reduces payload capacity by 49kg)


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