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At Bradshaw EV, we offer a range of road-legal Goupil electric vehicles to support our customers in their day-to-day processes.

The Goupil G2 and G4 models perfectly balance sustainable, environmental, and economic functionality in an electric light commercial vehicle.  With their innovative design, they are specifically tailored to meet the diverse needs of industrial and commercial operations. 

Goupil EVs are entirely electric, resulting in zero emissions.  This makes them an environmentally-friendly choice for towns, cities, low-emission, and Ultra Low Emission Zones.  With their eco-friendly nature, these vehicles are well-suited for such areas, benefiting both the environment and the community.

The G2 and G4 models offer exceptional versatility, making them ideal for various industries and applications.  Whether it's waste collection, watering, leaf collection, leisure, or logistics, these vehicles can be highly customised to suit any task.  With a wide range of body options, battery technology, and battery sizes, you can effortlessly tailor these vehicles to meet the unique requirements of each job.

One of the prominent features of the Goupil range is its single-phase onboard charger, which eliminates the requirement for costly or specialised charging infrastructure.  Goupil vehicles can be conveniently plugged into any standard 230-volt domestic socket.  This feature makes it an ideal electric utility vehicle solution for businesses and local councils that do not have access to dedicated charging stations.

The Goupil vehicles are specifically designed and categorised as Low-speed electric vehicles (LSV).  They are homologated for road use, making them ideal for stop-start and last-mile applications.  These vehicles are particularly suitable for sites connected by public highways and offer a safer and more versatile option for local authority vehicles to access car-free zones, cities, and areas with low emissions.

With compact dimensions, both the G2 and G4 can easily access size-restricted streets and, with impressive payloads, can handle demanding tasks.

With the increasing emphasis on sustainability in towns and cities across the UK, the Goupil range has emerged as a popular option.  Its eco-friendly and cost-effective features offer users the benefits of cleaner, quieter, and more efficient transportation. 

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