Residential & Urban Villages

In residential areas there is always a need for transportation, waste collection, cleaning services and site maintenance; and private residences, apartments, retirement villages, student campuses and holiday parks are no exception.

At Bradshaw Electric Vehicles we have a range of vehicles which deal with all these requirements from our Bradshaw, Goupil and Club Car brands.

Bradshaw EV has been producing electric vehicles for over 40 years, and our ride-on and pedestrian controlled vehicles are ideal for bin towing and waste collection.  

The Goupil range of road vehicles is suitable for residential sites connected to public highways.  The G2 is a compact utility vehicle with pick-up, cage and van body options.  The G4 has 11 standard body configurations including pick-up, high-tip waste collector, pressure washer and leaf collector.

Club Car with over 60 years of industry-leading design and innovation specialises in passenger transportation and utility vehicles.  When you need to move people, the Club Car passenger vehicles can comfortably transport 2, 4, 6 or 8 passengers, ideal for transporting residents and guests, and the Villager range makes a great vehicle for wheel chair conversions.

The robust and durable Club Car Carryall utility vehicles are go-anywhere, do-anything vehicles, making them perfect even on rough terrain.  The range includes various sizes and options and is great for any groundwork and maintenance jobs and moving equipment or supplies.        

Being electric the vehicles produce zero emissions keeping residences and villages environmentally friendly. With near-silent operation vehicles do not disturb residents and provide a comfortable working environment for the operator.

All our vehicles are available with a range of battery choices to suit site requirements, and there is no need for expensive charging infrastructure, keeping purchasing costs to a minimum.

Maintaining electric vehicles is simple, with less moving parts than a combustion engine; they are more straightforward and cost-effective to maintain.

If you require a new electric vehicle or, looking to expand your fleet or need a solution designed to meet a specific requirement, speak to our team of experts today. With 40 years’ experience in the industry, we can help you find the perfect vehicles for your residential site. 

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