Embrace Eco-Friendly Efficiency with Our Electric Utility Vehicles

In today's world, being environmentally conscious is a foremost priority, with more and more people opting for eco-friendly options whenever possible. Electric utility vehicles have emerged as a popular choice for industrial and commercial operations. Bradshaw EV, an authorised dealer for Goupil and Club Car, has a range of electric utility vehicles to cater to the varying needs of different industries, offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution.

Our electric utility vehicles are available with various body options to suit multiple applications. Whether you need a flatbed as a load carrier, a pick-up for site maintenance, a cage body for waste collection, a box van for deliveries, or a pressure washer for street cleansing, there's a body option to suit a wide range of tasks.

We offer a versatile range of electric utility vehicles tailored to specific applications. Whether you require a flatbed as a load carrier, a pick-up for site maintenance, a waste collection cage body, a box van for deliveries, or a pressure washer for street cleansing, we have the perfect body option to suit your needs.

We also understand that some jobs require a specific type of vehicle. To ensure you have the right tools for the job, we offer the flexibility to adapt or even custom-build a body that perfectly suits your operational requirements.


Unleash Performance on the Road

The Goupil all-electric utility vehicles are homologated for road use. The G4 has N1 type approval and G2 L7e, making them ideal for low-speed operations for sites connected by public highways. The G4 can reach speeds of up to 31mph, while the G2 can reach up to 18mph, and both vehicles can be limited to comply with site speed limits. 

With three standard body options, the compact G2 guarantees a payload of up to 598kg*. For even heavier loads, the G4 boasts an impressive 1,200kg* capacity and eleven standard body options.  

Customise your Goupil further with a selection of lead-acid and Lithium-ion batteries and experience the convenience of onboard chargers and single-phase supply, eliminating the need for extra charging infrastructure.


Lightweight and Versatile Club Car Carryall

Club Car utility vehicles are lightweight and versatile, making them the perfect solution for site maintenance, parks, and gardens. Built on rustproof aluminium frames, the Carryall range of UTVs can withstand harsh working conditions and deliver years of trouble-free service. They are easy to maintain and feature smart onboard chargers and reel retractors that prevent common user errors. Plus, you can charge them at any 230-volt outlet.



What are utility vehicles used for?

Utility vehicles, also known as UTVs, are the ultimate multi-taskers. From site maintenance to landscaping, deliveries to security patrol, and waste collection, utility vehicles are a vital asset across various industries. Their ability to haul and tow small to medium loads, compact size, and exceptional manoeuvrability for navigating tight spaces make UTVs the go-to choice for getting the job done. 

Road-legal UTVs can seamlessly travel between sites connected by roads, expanding their usage and capabilities for greater convenience.


Can you tow with an Electric Utility Vehicle?

Yes, you can tow with an electric utility vehicle. These versatile vehicles are equipped with robust motor systems to haul trailers, auxiliary equipment, and other cargo easily and efficiently. Their impressive performance and torque output make them perfect for towing and transporting materials, finished goods, waste, commercial bins, and more.

The Goupil G2 and G4 UTVs are road-approved and can handle towing loads on public roads. The G4 can tow up to 1,400 kg, and on private sites, it can tow an impressive 3,500 kilograms. Moreover, electric vehicles can operate in closed environments where petrol and diesel alternatives can't.

Goupil electric utility vehicles offer various towing eyes, pins, and hooks to cater to operational-specific needs. 


Do utility vehicles need to be registered?

It depends on how you plan to use your utility vehicle. Registering is only necessary if you operate it on private land without any road usage. However, if you plan to drive your utility vehicle on public highways, you will need to register it as a 'Private Light Goods' vehicle (PLG). For more information about vehicle registration, contact our team on 01780 782 621 for guidance and assistance.


Do you need a driving licence to operate a utility vehicle?

To legally operate a utility vehicle on the road, you must have a car license or a category B license if it was obtained before January 1997.  

To drive a particular type of vehicle, you need an ‘entitlement’ for that category on your driving licence; you should always check your licence against the vehicle’s specifications to ensure you are eligible.

Additionally, the vehicle must be taxed, insured, and meet safety standards to be used on public roads.


The vehicle will only be driven on private property. Do I still need a driving licence?

Under PUWER regulations, individuals operating machinery in their workplace must receive sufficient training, whether formal or informal and comply with the stipulations of their insurance provider. This is crucial to ensure safety, mitigate risks, and adhere to legal obligations.


Make the change to electric

Electric utility vehicles are an excellent choice for many reasons. Not only are they better for the environment with zero tailpipe emissions, but they also offer incredible efficiency and lower operating costs. Save on energy consumption and enjoy the lower cost of electricity compared to petrol and diesel. Plus, with fewer moving parts, maintenance costs are reduced, making them a wise investment. And let's remember the quiet operation, perfect for noise-sensitive environments. 

At Bradshaw EV, we are proud of our diverse range of electric utility vehicles that meet the needs of different industries and applications. Our vehicles are reliable, sustainable, and deliver impressive performance. Whether you need transportation within your site or heavy equipment hauling, our electric utility vehicles have you covered.

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