Waste Collection & Street Cleaning

Waste management is essential for all businesses. At Bradshaw EV, our electric vehicles are well equipped to handle all waste and recycling requirements. With a variety of vehicle options on offer, we can ensure every environment can benefit from our products.

From airports and train stations through to hotels and hospitals, waste management is a vital part of the running process. With fully customisable bin trailers and load carriers available from Bradshaw EV, you never need to struggle when it comes to your waste management fleet.


Tow Tractors

Bradshaw electric tow tractors provide easy transportation of single or multiple 1100 litre wheelie bins and recycling containers.  Choose betwwen the T400 and T800 for your bin towing applications


The T800 8-Tonne Tow Tractor is the perfect solution for towing multiple bins. Its powerful 48-volt controller offers unparalleled performance levels even when going up inclines, while four wheels provide extra stability and power steering lets you manoeuvre with ease at low speeds. The T800 is available with various hitch sizes that make it compatible with various trailers and bins.  Equipped with inching buttons as standard for a reliable and accurate connection. The T800 is designed to let the operator easily make slight adjustments to come into precisely matching positions before connecting.


Pedestrian Tow Tractors


The PT400 is the ideal solution for safely and efficiently transporting 1100-litre bins, eliminating the need of manual handling. With an impressive 4-tonne tow capacity the T400 can maintain total control of any 1100-Litre bin even when travelling up and down slopes, helping to keep operators safe whilst maximising productivity.  


Road Vehicles

Goupil G4

The Goupil G4 helps business and local authorities address their waste collection and movement in a sustainable, environmentally, and cost-effective manner.

Available with 11 different body options, the G4 is perfect for various applications, including waste collection, movement, and management. Homologated for road use with N1 type-approved, the Goupil G4 utility vehicle brings performance onto the road. 

The Goupil G4 delivers reliable, high-performance, and sustainable solutions that can help local authorities tackle their waste management challenges effectively. Available with either lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries, the G4 offers a range of 50 to 101 miles, depending on the battery size. Its compact dimensions make it easy to navigate crowded city centres and narrow town streets while still boasting an impressive payload capacity of up to 1264kg for the 9.0 kWh lithium battery pick-up model.  As well as producing zero tailpipe emissions, one of the most significant advantages of the G4 is its low vehicle operating costs; being electric, there are fewer associated costs for running and maintaining an electric utility vehicle. Plus, as with all Goupil models, there’s no need for costly and complicated charging infrastructure - the Goupil can be charged using a standard 3-pin socket.

The Goupil range is proving popular across local authorities, urban villages, schools and hospitals; the City of London, Westminster, and Lambeth are operating fleets of Goupils in double digits and are proving popular with the street cleansing teams. 


Waste Collection

For waste collection, the Goupil G4 offers a range of body options, including cage bodies, cage tippers, and high-tip waste collectors. These bodies can enable efficient waste collection and movement, reducing the time and effort needed to keep our streets clean.


Street Cleansing

The Goupil G4 offers more than just waste collection. It also includes two pressure washer models, with water capacities of 200-litres and 500-litres. These powerful washers can clean a variety of surfaces, including roads, pavements, walls, street furnishings, and signposts. During the leafing season, the 200-litre pressure washer can be interchanged with the electric leaf collector, making extra use of the vehicle. In the winter, a demountable gritter can be placed on the rear, making it a versatile vehicle all year round.


Goupil G4 Trafalgar City Washer

The G4 Trafalgar City Washer is fitted with a powerful Kärcher HDS 1000 DE high steam pressure washing unit, capable of tackling the toughest gum, graffiti, and grime. With the City Washer, local authorities can keep their streets looking clean and attractive without resorting to harsh chemicals or manual labour. With water tanks that hold up to 720 litres, the hot water high-pressure units can operate for 2.5 hours of continual use and are fitted with hoses extending up to 30 metres. As well as graffiti and chewing gum, councils use the units to give an all-round industrial clean to remove everyday dirt and grime from the streets and pavements.


Bin Trailers

Streamline your waste-management process with the Bradshaw range of bin trailers which can be used in conjunction with any Bradshaw or Goupil Vehicles. They are a safe and proven method of transport using a strong, reliable construction to carry waste across sites.

With our wide range of bin trailers, we can meet any of your needs - whether you need to transport one bin or six! 

Bradshaw bin trailers provide a reliable and robust solution for commercial and industrial bin collections of any scale.  Their durability and dependability make them an ideal choice for seeking efficient waste movement. 

For safely transporting bins on public highways, our TXGD Road Legal Bin Trailer is the ideal solution.

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