Electric Vehicles for Facility Management

Electric utility vehicles have become essential to various industries, and the facility management sector is no exception.  Due to the growing need for sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives, electric vehicles have surged in popularity for tasks once carried out by diesel vehicles or manual labour.  This shift towards efficiency and eco-friendliness has paved the way for electric vehicles to provide a greener and more efficient solution to various services.


How Electric Utility Vehicles Benefit Facility Management 

Facility management companies are responsible for a wide range of tasks, including landscaping, site maintenance, security services, waste collection, food delivery, and laundry collection. These tasks require reliable vehicles to efficiently transport equipment and goods around the facility.

Electric utility vehicles are ideal for these tasks as they offer a range of benefits such as:

  • Reduced carbon footprint: Electric vehicles do not emit harmful pollutants into the environment, making them an eco-friendly choice for facility management companies prioritising sustainability.
  • Cost-effective: Electric vehicles have lower operational costs compared to their petrol or diesel counterparts. They require less maintenance, and the cost of electricity is often cheaper than petrol or diesel.
  • Quiet operation: Electric vehicles produce significantly less noise pollution, making them ideal for use in residential areas or during quiet hours at facilities such as hospitals or hotels.
  • Versatile: Electric utility vehicles come in various types, such as tow tractors and load carriers, making them suitable for various services performed by facility management companies. 


Goupil Electric Vehicles: The Ideal FM Solution

The Goupil electric vehicle is an excellent choice for the facility management sector. Its compact size and exceptional manoeuvrability make it ideally suited for navigating tight spaces. The Goupil range offers a wide range of customisation and body options, allowing facility management companies to tailor it to their specific requirements and handle a diverse array of tasks effortlessly.


• Goupil Electric Vehicles are environmentally friendly, producing zero tailpipe emissions and featuring regenerative braking systems that reduce tyres' wear and tear.

• Silent operation minimises noise pollution, enabling operations during evening and early morning hours without causing disturbances.

• Economic benefits of owning electric vehicles include lower operating costs over time than traditional vehicles due to fuel and maintenance savings. 

• Stop/start operations are better suited to electric vehicles, avoiding costly DPF problems associated with diesel engines. 

• No special charging infrastructure is required as Goupil G4s come with an onboard charger suitable for any 230V/13A domestic socket.


Waste Collection and Bin Towing for Facility Management

If your operations require waste collection and or bin towing, we have a range of vehicles to help; whether it's a Goupil with a cage body or a high-tip waste collector, bin trailer, tow tractor, pedestrian walk-along tug or a bin trailer, we have a range of solutions. 

For towing 1100-litre bins, the T800 electric tow tractor is an excellent choice.  It offers a high load capacity and can easily manoeuvre in tight spaces.  Its ergonomic design also ensures comfortable operation for the driver, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity.

For smaller facilities or areas that are not easily accessible, the PT400 pedestrian electric tug is a suitable option.  It can tow 1100-litre bins and has a compact design, allowing easy navigation in narrow spaces.


Onsite Visitor Transport

Enhance your guests' experience by effortlessly transporting them throughout your facility. Our electric passenger buggies are the perfect solution, providing style and comfort for your guests and visitors.

Our classic Villager series can carry up to eight passengers and is equipped with an updated automotive design and a spacious cabin, which provides a comfortable space for operators and passengers.

Need to transport both people and cargo? No problem. Our Transporter model features a fold-down rear seat, allowing you to carry up to 130kg.

Both the Villager and Transporter models boast rustproof, corrosion-resistant, aircraft-grade aluminium frames.  Their independent front suspension systems also ensure a smooth and comfortable ride for all.

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