The all-electric Goupil G4 is quickly becoming a leading choice for operators who value flexibility in their operations. As one of Bradshaw’s best-selling models, the Goupil G4 utility vehicle is specially designed to provide limitless versatility for various applications beyond its standard bodies making the Goupil G4 the perfect electric vehicle for body conversions. 

With its modular design, the G4 lends itself perfectly to a host of body variations. As standard, the G4 has ten different body options, including pick-up, cage body, box van, leaf collector, pressure washer, and high-tip waste collector. 

Road-legal, the G4 produces zero emissions, meets N1 homologation standards, and comes with a choice of lead-acid and lithium batteries. It also offers left or right-hand drive, and its compact dimensions provide ideal access to crowded city centres and narrow town streets.

Bradshaw EV, the UK distributor for Goupil, is dedicated to providing the perfect vehicle for every operation. While the G4’s standard body options are often ideal for most tasks, Bradshaw excels in delivering and working with specialised body conversions for more unique operations. The modular structure of the chassis lends itself perfectly to specialist builds, allowing for a variety of customisations on an electric vehicle.

Bradshaw EV has worked in conjunction with numerous vehicle bodybuilders to create a wide range of vehicles with very specific and diverse applications. 


Classic French Vans provide bespoke custom builds ranging from quirky catering vehicles to tailored promotional vans and mobile coffee vans. Typically favouring the Citroen HY van for their unique conversions, Classic French Vans recently switched to electric for Exeter Cathedral, which required a bespoke hospitality food vehicle.  

The G4’s versatility to accept bespoke bodies to suit their customer’s requirements was vital in choosing the G4. Andrew Bennett, Owner of Classic French Vans, commented, “We were highly impressed with how seamlessly we could convert the vehicle’s body without compromising the quality or performance. Many companies we met with simply couldn’t provide this bespoke service or were too expensive. However, the G4 was the perfect vehicle at the right price.”


The Goupil G4 is a popular choice for those looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional combustion engines. Plus, its low noise levels make it suitable for use in residential areas as well as commercial applications – a feature which was particularly important to Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment Ltd, which has developed the smallest and most compact gum and graffiti removal unit on the market – the new Trafalgar City Washer. 

Built on a Goupil G4 electric vehicle, the City Washer is an eco-friendly cleaning solution equipped with a powerful Kärcher high steam pressure washing unit, making it an ideal choice for local authorities, agriculture, plant hire, and contract cleaners working in residential areas, shopping malls, and park spaces. 

The City Washer guarantees efficient and effective cleaning results with its outstanding pavement cleaning capability of up to 100 sqm per hour.  Moreover, paired with the all-electric Goupil G4, it boasts low water consumption, contributing to environmental sustainability.


Charge Fairy, the subscription-based mobile charging service for EV consumers and EV fleets, recently purchased three Goupil G4 chassis bodies from Bradshaw to further its offering of mobile vehicle chargers within its designated service areas.

Having initially opted for a Nissan E-NV200 as their vehicle of choice during the first 12 months of operating, Charge Fairy sought to purchase a vehicle that not only had a more suitable payload to handle the heavy lithium-ion battery but one that could also easily access vehicles situated in narrow urban streets and within parking structures.

After undertaking extensive research to identify alternative vehicles that would meet their requirements, Charge Fairy Founder Ed Lea came across Bradshaw EV’s Goupil G4s which were ideally suited for transporting equipment in and around urban areas.  


The small and nimble G4 is also playing a crucial role in ensuring the safety of employees working for one of the world’s leading car manufacturers. A Goupil G4 was specially converted to a first response fire truck by Emergency One for the BMW automotive plant.

BMW required a vehicle that would work well as a first response fire vehicle inside its factory and therefore needed to be small and agile. They initially looked at pick-up trucks, but the electric solutions were limited. The Goupil G4 box van proved to be the ideal solution as it enabled them to operate it internally down the production line, through the assembly hall, or wherever needed. 



In an EV world where ‘range anxiety’ is a buzzword, Picnic, the Dutch online supermarket, has counteracted those issues and revolutionised urban distribution and grocery shopping by focusing on fewer food miles.

Using an in-house distribution model to find optimal routes for thousands of deliveries, Picnic uses the milkman principle, delivering to only the same street once a day. The vehicle of choice for Picnic is the Goupil G4!

With over 1000 Goupil G4s in Picnic’s fleet, a well-designed delivery vehicle is critical to short drop time. The G4’s van body was specifically designed to suit Picnic’s delivery model. 


The Goupil’s versatility is evident on the streets of Barcelona, where the G4 is used for collecting and distributing the city’s bikes.


“The G4 Chassis Body provides a blank canvas to build your ideal vehicle”, says Ramsy Labassi, Marketing Manager at Bradshaw Electric Vehicles. “The opportunities are almost limitless, and we are proud to offer our customers the opportunity to create their own unique electric vehicles tailored to their exact requirements.”

With its generous payload of up to 1370kg with the 9kWh battery and robust ladder frame construction, the Electric G4 is more than capable of accommodating an array of conversions. It is an excellent choice for customers wanting to use an electric vehicle.

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