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Tow Tractors

At Bradshaw, our extensive range of tow tractors includes narrow width, mid-range, and high capacity tractors, offering load capacities between 1 and 25 tonnes.

Elevate your operations with Brashaw Electric Tow Tractors 

Maximise the productivity of your operations with our range of tow tractors engineered for efficiency, safety, and versatility. Whether you’re manoeuvring delicate loads in tight spaces or transporting heavy-duty materials, Bradshaw has a tow tractor to match the task at hand. Our fleet offers a spectrum of towing options to ensure you have the power you need for efficient operations.  Bradshaw Tow tractors are designed to meet the diverse logistical and material handling needs across various industries. With a remarkable range of towing capacities from a nimble 1 tonne up to a robust heavy-duty 25 tonnes, our electric tow tractors are purpose-built to meet the needs of material-handling operators and logistics professionals.


Our Featured Electric Tow Tractors

  • T100, T150, T200: Light-duty tow tugs, up to 2-tonnes – ideal for small-scale operations.
  • T400: Mid-range tow truck, 4-tonne tow capacity – versatile for a variety of tasks.
  • T700 & T800: High-capacity tow tractors, up to 8-tonnes – for medium to heavy-duty industry needs.
  • T1200 & T2500: Heavy duty tow trucks, up to 25-tonnes – designed for the most demanding environments.
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