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Goupil G4

Our broad selection of G4 road vehicles includes pick-ups, vans, and waste collectors, designed to transport people and equipment for a variety of applications.

Built from the ground up as an all-electric vehicle, Goupil has developed a comprehensive range of high-performance equipment for the Goupil G4.  The G4 has a modular design for maximum versatility and allows for a wide configuration of options, including a tipper, box van waste collector watering system, and electric high-pressure washer, providing the right solution for a variety of diverse applications.  

The G4’s modern design, with its large, high-visibility cab and compact size, makes it the ideal commercial vehicle to operate safely and easily in town centres, cities, clean air zones, ultra-low emission zones, or closed sites.

This vehicle is perfect for short-distance and urban transportation needs, and its range of up to 100 miles makes it a great choice for fleets or companies with local delivery routes.  Its lightweight design contributes to its manoeuvrability and stability on the road, while its advanced electric motor technology provides responsive acceleration and braking.  With multiple options for customising body styles and accessories, the G4 offers a wide range of possibilities and can be tailored to meet your unique needs.

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