Road Legal N1 Homologation

Lead-acid / Lithium Batteries

Range 50 - 101 miles

Built on a Goupil G4 electric vehicle, the City Washer from Trafalgar Cleaning Equipment is furnished with a powerful Kärcher HDS 1000 DE high steam pressure washing unit capable of tackling the toughest gum, graffiti, and grime.

The City Washer is an ideal choice for local authorities, agriculture, plant hire, and contract cleaners working in residential areas, shopping malls, and park spaces. With its exceptional cleaning performance, it effectively removes chewing gum, graffiti, and grime from city streets and pavements. The industrial-strength cleaning capability and the adjustable temperature control make it a versatile solution for a range of cleaning requirements.

With its outstanding pavement cleaning capability of up to 100SqM per hour, the City Washer guarantees efficient and effective cleaning results. Moreover, paired with the all-electric Goupil G4, it boasts low water consumption, contributing to environmental sustainability.



High-pressure cleaner

The Karcher HDS 1000 DE is a robust mobile hot water high-pressure cleaner, designed with a sturdy tubular frame that provides comprehensive component protection. Equipped with a powerful 10 HP Yanmar diesel engine and an electric start function, the HDS 1000 DE delivers impressive water flow and pressure rates, making it ideal for demanding cleaning tasks. This unit is exceptionally well-suited for local authorities and contract cleaners operating in residential, commercial, and industrial areas.


  • Trigger gun: EASY!Force Advanced
  • Cage frame
  • Electric starter
  • Power nozzle
  • Servo Control

Silent operation

Engineered with minimal noise impact, the City Washer operates with doors shut, ensuring a quiet working environment.  Encased in a ergonomically designed housing, the unit and equipment is kept tidy and protected from dust or moisture damage.

Adjustable temperature settings

With adjustable temperature settings ranging from cold to 150C, it ensures hot steam washing like no other. Equipped with a baffled 500Ltr water tank, it allows up to 2.5 hours of constant use.  Its single lance and high-pressure hose extends up to 30m, providing flexibility and reach, allowing for precise cleaning in any situation.

Exhaust extraction

Designed to prioritise user experience, the City Washer comes with its own unique exhaust extraction and cooling vent/fan system, ensuring that no fumes interfere with the vehicle's operation

Onboard storage

The onboard tools are neatly stored in a completely self-contained configuration, complemented by a bespoke cover housing that keeps everything watertight and tidy.


Flow Rate (l/h) 450 - 900
Operating pressure (bar/MPa) 40 - 200 / 4 - 20
Temperature (supply 12°C) (°C)                  min. 80 - max. 98            
Consumption fuel oil (kg/h) 5.6
Nozzle size 048
Fuel tank (l) 34
Drive type Diesel
Motor manufacturer Yanmar
Motor type L 100 V


Operated with doors shut, reducing noise to a minimum   

Fully self contained, fill up with water & diesel and go  

Up to 2.5 hours - with the option for continual use  

Ergonomically designed storage for ancillary equipment  

Up to 30m of high pressure hose  

Fully waterproof and sealed to increase the life of the vehicle 

Battery Options

11.5 kWh 48v 240Ah Lead Acid

Onboard Charger

30amp High Frequency 8.5 Hour Recharge

Supply: 240v Single Phase

Current Draw: 12 Amp Input

Range (WLTP cycle): 50 miles


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