7t Tow Capacity

200kg Payload

24v AC Controller


The T700 with 48-volt high capacity batteries offers extended run-time delivering consistent performance for daily operations. Ideal for internal use, the three-wheel tow tractor has an exceptional turning circle, the ability to turn in tight spaces making the T700 perfect for line feed, warehouse logistics and narrow applications where increased manoeuvrability is an advantage.

Efficient Towing Performance

As standard, the T700 is equipped with a 20mm pin multi jaw tow hitch with various sizes options to both the front and rear.   To assist coupling, the T700 includes inching buttons as standard offering ease and precision when aligning tow tractor and trailer. 

AC technology drive provides impressive performance and allows for a high level of configuration, speed control and optimum braking performance.


The T700 is available with a choice of 3 lead-acid batteries and a maintenance-free gel option with high-frequency chargers:
48v 240Ah lead-acid
48v 315Ah lead-acid
48v 375Ah lead-acid
48v 255Ah gel maintenance-free 

For applications that require a battery change between shifts, the 240Ah and 315Ah batteries are available with fork pockets with optional side access doors. The 375Ah battery with a flat bottom battery box allows for optional rollers for side extraction.

For enhanced battery maintenance the T700 is available with an optional Battery Fill System (BFS) and low electrolyte level indicator (Blinky), alerts operators when batteries require water.  When paired with the optional battery auto filler, it creates the most effective battery maintenance system for the vehicle.

Electronic Speed Control

The T700 AC motor offers effortless handling, precise acceleration and electronic speed control.  With the maximum speed programmable between 8 and 14kph, the T700 is a rapid performer, and the built-in speed sensors prevent over-speeding in all driving conditions.  The optional dash-mounted high/low-speed switch gives the operator additional levels of control.

Electronic Braking

Five individual braking systems protect tow tractor and operator.  The T700 electric tow tractor includes hydraulic braking to all three wheels, automatically applied transmission park brakes, electronic regenerative braking under deceleration and dynamic speed sensing to prevent over-speeding.  The automatic hill hold utilises the AC controller to hold the vehicle on inclines without driver input preventing the tow tractor from rolling back.

Ergonomical Design for Operator Safety and Efficiency

The T700 positions the operator with excellent all-round visibility, controls are ergonomically laid out and features a comfortable single semi-suspension driver’s seat complete with fold-down armrest.  A built-in storage compartment provides space for operators to store accessories, clipboards, and paperwork safely.

Operators can gain access to either side of the tow tractor effortlessly with a low step making it accessible to hop on / hop off with ease and comfort.

Reduced torque steering input combined with the AC motor makes the T700 easy to operate minimising operator fatigue and maximising productivity.  

Robust Build

Built from a solid frame construction and reliable components, the T700 has proven to be a durable and robust workhorse.  A heavy-duty wrap-around bumper plate protects the tow tractor against impacts and damage, and the vehicle’s electronics, including the AC motor, are sealed and protected from water and dust ingress to IP65.  The low maintenance AC motor with built-in thermal protection minimises downtime, ensures excellent reliability, maximum productivity and reduced servicing costs.

Cab Options

T701 - Uncabbed

The uncabbed T701 is ideal for  constant on/off operations and indoor applications

Technical Specification




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