544kg payload

544kg Tow Capacity

Electric or Petrol

Featuring Club Cars rustproof AlumiCore frame technology and an aluminium cargo box with a 544kg payload the Carryall 500 tackles heavy-duty work with ease.

With a range of cab, body and accessories options, the Carryall 500 utility vehicle can be customised to users exact needs making it the perfect solution for industrial and commercial applications. 


The Carryall 500 have four-wheel mechanical drum brakes and a foot-operated multi-lock park brake.  The electric models include electronic regenerative braking under deceleration and an emergency stop button. 

The standard models have halogen headlights, rear tail and brake lights with the option to upgrade to LED lights.  Additional standard safety features include amber beacon and automatic audible warning in reverse.

Built to Last

Carryall utility vehicles are renowned for delivering years of trouble-free service and built to perform and last.  While most utility vehicles are built using a conventional steel frame, the Carryall range uses Club Cars AlumiCore automotive-grade aluminium chassis which delivers industry-leading longevity.

The front body panels are protected by impact-resistant ArmorFlex resin and finished with automotive paint and a clear coat, enhancing the overall look and prolonging the life of the vehicle.

Powerful Engines

The Carryall 500 can safely tow and haul a combined 3/4 tonne load thanks to the vehicles powerful engines.  Available with petrol or zero-emissions electric powertrains the Carryall 500 makes short work of tough jobs.  Both electric and petrol models can reach 27 kph and haul full loads up gradients with ease.

With near-silent engine noise, the electric version produces zero-emissions making ideal for indoor use as well as outdoor.  The 48-volt lead-acid battery offers easy maintenance and charging via a retractable cable the 650w high-frequency charger plugs into any 240-volt socket.

The petrol model is powered by a Kohler Command PRO closed-loop electric fuel injection engine which continuously adjusts engine performance to provide excellent fuel economy and reliable starting.

Class-Leading Ride and Handling

The independent leaf spring front suspension with dual hydraulic shocks and rack-and-pinion steering delivers a smooth ride and making the vehicle easy to handle even with a full load.

Cab Options

CCA501 - Uncabbed

The uncabbed Carryall 500 is ideal for indoor use or where inclement weather isn't an issue.

Body Options

Pick-Up Body

Aluminium cargo box complete with dropdown rear tailgate
Aluminium deck with anti-slip floor lining


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