Airports, stations and busy passenger terminals have been using golf-style buggies for PRM transport for decades, but there has never been a dedicated vehicle for passengers of reduced mobility.  

Whilst golf buggies solved the problems of transporting passengers; they created many other issues, including serious safety concerns. A golf buggy is an excellent vehicle in its application; on the golf course and wide-open spaces, (we sell and rent hundreds each year for golf and events) but not so suitable for indoor confined spaces.

Airport terminals face different challenges to golf courses, and at the start of the millennium, PRM related accidents were at a high level with mounting pressure for an improvement across all aspects of PRM.

Coinciding with the new Terminal at Heathrow, it was clear that golf buggies no longer had a place transporting passengers, giving rise to the first dedicated passenger vehicle for PRM.

The Specialist Project Division working closely with airport stakeholders, developed the AV6, the first-ever vehicle dedicated to passengers of reduced mobility. The vehicle had to meet five critical criteria; safety, ease of access, comfort, compact, and low-pressure contact points.

The AV6 has a host of safety features, soft-coated door extrusions and full-height side panels to keep passengers enclosed, considerably reducing any chance of injuries. The door handles are discreetly positioned to avoid passengers opening them, and each door is equipped with sensors, automatically halting the vehicle if a door opens during operation.

The AV6 drives and steers like a standard automotive vehicle making it easy to operate. Passengers benefit from a safe and comfortable ride, the levels of safety and comfort previously unavailable from other PRM vehicles. Inside, the AV6 holds five passengers and the driver; padded bench seats provide comfort and plenty of space. All passenger and drivers' seats incorporate seat belts and head protection. There is ample of legroom, even for passengers in a full leg cast. 

Ease of Access
The AV6 is easily accessible thanks to its low step height and unique double-hinged 180o opening side doors. The full opening rear door with grab handles provide excellent access for all passengers with reduced mobility. Wheelchair users can stow their wheelchair with the optional bracket fitted to the rear of the vehicle.

Passengers with reduced mobility have the right to have the same level of access as other passengers, and the AV6's compact dimensions allow passengers greater access without leaving the vehicle. The AV6 is also perfectly sized to fit into lifts. The dimensions also mean the AV6 is easy to manoeuvre, with the risk of accidents, injuries and damage considerably reduced. 

Low-Pressure Contact Points
Working with airport architects, the AV6 provides low loading contact points, ensuring the flooring and tiles wouldn't succumb to damage.

The AV6 is used in several international UK airports and is still considered the best vehicle for passengers with reduced mobility. 

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