Goupil G2 Pick-Up Brings Time And Cost Efficiency To The Peterborough School

A neat and versatile utility vehicle is helping to make great savings in time, money and manpower at an exclusive Cambridgeshire school.

Since its arrival, the Estates team at The Peterborough School has found a wide range of uses for the Goupil G2 pick-up which was acquired from electric vehicle specialist Bradshaw.

An all-electric compact road utility vehicle, the G2 range is available with pick-up, cage and van bodies. It has been expertly designed to transport payloads of up to 600kgs, whilst retaining its small and compact size for convenience of use.

Available with either lead-acid or lithium batteries, a single charge on the Goupil G2 pick-up will last between 27 to 62 miles depending on the battery selected and is ideal for constant stop-start operations.

Suitable for road use, it provides a cost-effective solution for organisations with multiple sites, including those connected by a public highway, and for landscape, maintenance and waste management needs within leisure, parks and campuses.

Affectionately named ‘Sheldon’ by the pupils, after The Big Bang Theory character, the vehicle is used daily to transport goods and equipment between the school’s 15 buildings which are spread across the 10-acre site.

Chris Lang is Estates Manager at the Peterborough School.

He said: “Sheldon is a familiar and popular sight throughout the school as we use him for everything. We transport tables and chairs, we use him for everyday deliveries such as toilet paper, domestic goods and packages. We’ve used him for transporting waste such as branches and leaves and even meals on wheels. The vehicle’s ability to tow items of up to 600kgs, such as grounds equipment and the rollers we use to flatten the tennis courts, is an added advantage.”

Chris said before Sheldon’s arrival he and his team had used an old-style, manual flatbed trolley which usually relied on being pulled along by two maintenance men.

He said: “Sheldon has made a considerable difference to our working day. He is most certainly paying for himself when you consider the time we’re saving on having two men pull the flatbed trolley here, there and everywhere, from building to building across the 10 acres.”

Chris said he and a colleague first started exploring the benefits of a utility vehicle last year. But unsure of their exact requirements they met with a number of companies to look at golf buggies and similar type vehicles.

When a colleague mentioned he had a contact at local company Bradshaw, Chris looked more into the company to see the range of electric utility vehicles it had to offer.

He said: “At first, we weren’t really sure exactly what we were looking for but when we explained our everyday needs it was Bradshaw who suggested the Goupil G2 to us.

“It was a perfect recommendation which immediately ticked all our boxes.”

He added: “Whereas a golf buggy has a low centre of gravity we needed something more robust. We also liked the fact the vehicle was electric and had that towing capability allowing us to hook a trailer to it.

“The collapsible sides allowed us to load oversize equipment on the back and its shape and size made for easy manoeuvrability, especially where we have to navigate through narrow spaces or move backwards and forwards.

“Everything about Sheldon was just perfect for our needs.”

Chris said the pupils too, who are aged from six months to sixth-form, see Sheldon as a personality within the school.

“Sheldon has actually become the backbone of our school. Whether transporting heavy equipment for essential maintenance, carrying essentials for the pupils, or carrying waste, we have come to rely on Sheldon to get everything to where it needs to be.

“Not only has he helped us to improve on-site efficiency, but he has also helped us on many an occasion where we’ve had to respond to an on-site emergency, for instance if a teacher has requested first aid.

“Considering we didn’t know what we wanted the vehicle really has helped make life easier.

“We now couldn’t imagine life here without it.”

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