Bradshaw EV’s PFB1500 The Perfect Fit For Vogelsang

Vogelsang UK, a market leader in the train car service sector, has recently taken delivery of another PFB1500-1100 pedestrian load carrier from one of the UK’s leading industrial and commercial electric vehicle manufacturers, Bradshaw Electric Vehicles.  The latest purchase of the PFB1500-1100 marks a 12 year partnership between Bradshaw EV and Vogelsang.

With a need to find a versatile and easy-to-use mobile solution that fit their CET Unit, Bradshaw’s 48-volt PFB1500-1100 ticked several boxes for Vogelsang – with the vehicle’s user-friendly operation, low decibel level, and its capability of servicing several trains within one battery cycle being what tipped the scales in the procurement process.

Bradshaw have combined their PFB1500 with Vogelsang’s CET Unit to create a mobile unit that is expertly designed to handle and treat wastewater generated on trains from various sources, such as toilets, sinks, and other sanitary facilities on board – and furthermore acts as an ideal cost-effective emergency solution when an operators’ fixed installation system is not operational.

Vogelsang, which primarily supplies cutting-edge equipment for agricultural technology, biogas, industry as well as transportation and wastewater treatment, initially sought out Bradshaw following a series of referrals from operators within the rail sector who have previously purchased utility vehicles within Bradshaw’s extensive range. 

Boasting customers such as Scot-Rail, Northern Rail, West Midland Trains just to name a few, Vogelsang offer compact and efficient wastewater treatment units which are specifically designed specifically for use on trains and help address the challenges of managing wastewater generated during everyday journeys, ultimately ensuring that the disposal is environmentally responsible and compliant with regulations.

With a 1500kg payload and a 4-wheel pedestrian load carrier, the PFB1500 offers optimal manoeuvrability, making it ideal for industrial, commercial or municipal use.

Its flatbed body also enables it to carry heavy loads across sites, while the platform offers customers such as Vogelsang the versatility to seamlessly mount auxiliary equipment such as a CET unit for the hygienic emptying of on-board toilet tanks as well as the supply of fresh water.

As with all of their vehicles, each can be tailored to the customer’s individual requirements relative to their usage. Bradshaw have configured their PFB1500-1100 to Vogelsang’s requirements by placing the vehicle’s battery packs between its axels in order to suitably accommodate their vacuum extraction and discharge pump as well as the tank which can range from 200 litres to 2000 litres in capacity.

Wayne Carrington, National Accounts Manager at Vogelsang UK commented: “We were delighted to recently take delivery of our latest PFB1500 from Bradshaw Electric Vehicles, a company that we have enjoyed a long-standing and productive commercial relationship with over the years.

“One of the significant draws initially was the low decibel level of the vehicle. Being all-electric the PFB1500 ensures that when operating in the daytime, passengers don’t have to experience a noisy operation upon exiting the train as while most toilet emptying operations from fixed systems are completed at night, the mobile units operate throughout the day.

“The PFB1500 also provides a robust, user-friendly solution for train operating companies that allows for seamless wastewater handling and treatment while rolling stock vehicles are stationary. Without Bradshaw’s solution the idea of the mobile unit just would not work. We have tried and tested a number of similar models in the marketplace, but they lacked the high-quality build and versatility which the PFB1500 offers.”

Ramsy Labassi, Marketing Manager at Bradshaw Electric Vehicles commented: “The relationship between Vogelsang and Bradshaw is so much more than a typical customer/supplier relationship, it has indeed very much grown into a dynamic partnership that benefits us both.

“At Bradshaw we endeavour to customise our utility vehicles in order to meet our customers’ requirements in relation to the intended usage. This was no different. Through adapting and tailoring the PFB1500 to Vogelsang’s needs they are able to cater to customer demand and supply an optimised solution that is built to last.”

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