3,000kg Payload

6t Tow Capacity

80v AC Controller

FB3000 Load Carrier / Burden Carrier

The FB3000 load carrier is an extremely versatile vehicle suitable for use across many industrial applications. The 4-wheel vehicle, powered by 80V AC controller, boasts a 3000kg payload capacity in addition to a 6000kg tow capacity making it one of our most powerful load carriers. With power steering and front and rear suspension included as standard, the FB3000 load carrier is extremely comfortable to drive, making it suitable for lengthy operations.

Braking Systems

The FB3000 features a comprehensive braking system including drum brakes fitted to the front wheels and inboard oil-immersed disc brakes to the rear wheels, one of our more sophisticated braking systems. In addition, electronic regenerative braking is applied under deceleration, automatic hill hold prevents the vehicle rolling on an incline, and automatically applied transmission brakes improve safety while the vehicle is stationary, protecting the operator, pedestrians, and surrounding environment.

Battery Options

The FB3000 is available with an 80V 320Ah lead- battery, 80V 360Ah lead-acid battery, and an 80V 340Ah gel maintenance-free battery.  To improved battery maintenance the FB3000 is is available with optional Battery Fill System (BFS) and low electrolyte level indicator (Blinky) and battery auto filler.


In material handling environments we understand the importance of health and safety. The FB3000 comes with an abundance of safety features to protect both the operator and those in the vicinity. As standard, the load carrier features twin headlights, sidelights, taillights, brake lights, and reverse lights, as well as hazard warning lights and indicators. An amber flashing beacon is also installed along with audible reverse warning signals, a horn emergency stop button and safety seat cutout (OPS) which ensures the vehicle stops operating when the driver is not seated. The robust nature of the FB3000 makes it suitable for most applications and thanks to the reliability of all components used throughout the build, the chance of downtime is low.

Cab Options

As standard, the FB3000 features a left-hand drive cab but can be supplied un-cabbed if required. The cabbed version has the option to have no doors, PVC roll-up weatherproof doors, or lockable slam metal doors. Rear wipers, a screen wash system, full-suspension vinyl driver's seat with armrests, cloth seats, and twin inertia lap seat belts are all optional upgrades available on the FB3000.


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