2,000kg Payload

3t Tow Capacity

48v AC Controller

FB2000 Load Carrier / Burden Carrier

The FB2000 load carrier features a powerful 48-volt battery, power-steering, and has a payload capacity of 2,000kg. To further enhance the load carrier, the FB2000 can also tow loads of up to 3,000kg, thanks to an extensive range of different tow hitch accessories. With front and rear suspension, semi-suspension driver’s seat and the ability to add plenty of custom features, the FB2000 is a real pleasure to operate.

Battery Options

The FB2000 is available with a 48v 480Ah lead-acid or a 48v 420Ah gel maintenance-free. In addition, there is the option to choose a battery fill system, or one of two battery auto filler systems, depending on specific application requirements.

Braking Systems

With hydraulic drum brakes situated on all four wheels, the FB2000 has an excellent braking system in place as standard. The load carrier also includes electronic regenerative braking under deceleration, automatic hill hold and automatically applied transmission braking for adding safety while in motion and stationery. The dynamic speed sensing system prevents over-speeding in all driving conditions and there’s also the option to include a hydraulic trailer braking system which features a single quick-release hydraulic coupling.


The reliable and sturdy welded chassis, excellent braking system, and range of additional safety features, make the FB2000 extremely safe to operate. As standard, the load carrier features twin headlights, sidelights, taillights, and brake lights, indicators, hazard warning lights, reverse lights, 7-pin trailer socket, and an amber flashing beacon, ensuring the increased safety of pedestrians on the ground. To further enhance safety, the load carrier also features automatic audible warnings when driving in reverse, a horn, emergency stop button, safety seat cutout (OPS) ensuring the vehicle does not operate unless the driver is seated, as well as the ability to set a max speed when ordering.

Cab Options

Depending on individual requirements, the FB2000 can be purchased both cabbed and un-cabbed. Customisations can easily be made including the addition of roll-up doors or lockable slam metal doors, single-seat half cab nearside lockable slam metal door, right or left-hand drive, rear wipers or a fully integrated screen washer system. To further enhance comfort within the cab, an electric heater and rear-mounted camera with a display screen can be installed.

Cab Options

FB2001 - Uncabbed

The uncabbed FB2001 is ideal for constant on/off operations and indoor applications

Body Options

-01 Flatbed

Flat bed
Resin coated anti-slip plywood deck


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