Bristol Waste Company oversees waste collection and recycling services in Bristol, managing the collection and processing of 160,000 tonnes of waste and recycling each year.  With a staggering 17 million scheduled collections annually, the company is responsible for maintaining and cleaning 800 miles of streets and footpaths.

In their commitment to building a cleaner and greener city while managing waste in an environmentally friendly manner, Bristol Waste Company has added an all-electric Goupil G4 utility vehicle to its fleet of 180 vehicles.

The vehicle can now be seen in and around Bristol, being utilised to clean graffiti from public areas and dispose of waste bags from public litter bins.

The Goupil G4 is available with 11 standard body options.  The G4 in operation in Bristol is the combi chassis with a toolbox, cage body and PVC cover.  The electro-galvanised steel toolbox is entirely waterproof, guaranteeing the protection of its contents.  By having a secure and lockable toolbox in their vehicle, operators can effortlessly store tools and equipment, knowing its contents are protected and stored safely away.

The Bristol Waste Company opted for a mesh cage body with twin drop-down doors on both sides and twin rear-opening barn doors, providing the most suitable configuration for their operations.  This design enables effortless access and convenient loading and unloading of waste.

With a choice of four battery sizes, two lead-acids, and two lithium batteries, the G4 operating around Bristol's streets is the larger 14.0 kWh lithium-ion battery providing up to 101 miles (WLTP) range and six-and-a-half hour recharge.   With a built-in onboard single-phase charger, the G4 requires no special changing infrastructure and plugs into a standard 230-volt socket.

The 14.0 kWh lithium-ion battery affords the G4 an impressive 850kg payload for waste collection and addressing fly-tipping.  Its compact size makes it perfectly suited for manoeuvring through Bristol's narrow streets and pedestrianised areas.

Not only does the Goupil G4 provide a practical solution for waste collection and transportation, but it also helps reduce carbon emissions in Bristol.  As an electric utility vehicle, the Goupil G4 produces zero tailpipe emissions or air or noise pollution, providing a quieter and cleaner service to the community.

Bristol Waste Company's use of the Goupil G4 demonstrates their commitment to promoting green practices and investing in innovative solutions for waste management.  As more cities around the UK prioritise sustainability, the Goupil G4s are becoming popular choices for waste management companies and local authorities.   By incorporating these vehicles into their fleet, Bristol Waste Company sets an example for others to create a cleaner and greener future. 

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