Heavy Duty Industrial Platform Trailer

Navigate through your industrial tasks with unmatched strength and flexibility—the Heavy Duty Industrial Platform Trailer offers a robust solution for your material handling needs, ensuring safety, efficiency, and durability in all your operations.

Discover how our robust Heavy Duty Industrial Platform Trailer can enhance your workflow and contact us for further information and to arrange a demonstration.

Uncompromised Carrying Capacity

With an impressive load capability ranging from 1,000kg to a colossal 5,000kg, this industrial platform trailer is your powerhouse to transport sizeable goods. Available with either Single or Twin Turntable Interlink Steering, it manoeuvres with precision, even under the most demanding loads.

Structural Strength and Finish

The trailer touts a formidable mild steel box section chassis, bolstered by sturdy frame and cross members, for a structure that confronts industrial challenges head-on. The Hot Dipped Galvanized Finish provides a protective barrier against corrosion, extending the trailer's lifespan and maintaining its appearance. Its Resin Coated Non-Slip Buffalo Decking Board ensures a secure footing for cargo, reducing the risk of slippage and damage.

Innovative Design for Versatile Use

Experience versatility as this platform trailer can adapt to various steering setups, meeting the specific requirements of challenging environments. The Hinged A Frame Drawbar, complete with Towing Eye, allows for seamless towing, whether singularly or in multi-trailer configurations.

Advanced Towing and Steering Capabilities

Explore a world of potential with trailers designed to be towed by tractors, enabling swift movement across facilities. With Removable Drawbars for bi-directional towing and options for different running gear, your trailer can achieve incredible manoeuvrability, ensuring productivity isn't compromised even in tight spaces.

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