Road Legal N1 Homologation

Lead-acid / Lithium Batteries

Range 50 - 101 miles

Featuring the classic Goupil G4 body, the G4-10 is a versatile commercial utility vehicle that can be customised to meet the exact needs of your industry and application. Fitted with a removable 500-litre pressure washer, the G4-10 benefits from being a high-powered cleaning tool as well as a sturdy pick-up truck. Our combination electric vehicles ensure added flexibility of your utility fleet allowing you to choose the features that work for you. 100% electric with zero emissions, the G4-10 is ideal for ultra-low emission zones, as well as day and night work thanks to its silent operation.

Pressure Washer

The G4-10 features a 500-litre high-pressure washer that can easily be removed should the need arise to use the vehicle as a pick-up only. The pressure washer features an integral spray lance, water level indicator, ¼ turn valve to empty the tank and a 2-position lance for high- and low-pressure control. Thanks to the 15m flexible HP 8mm hose with an automatic self-wind, the G4-10 vehicle is extremely easy to operate and can be used to clean hard-to-reach areas including streets, signs, street furniture, and pavements. The pressure washer has a 130 bar max pressure, a flow rate of 7-litres per minute, a 48V 2.2kW motor and a sound level (3m) of 65dB.


Unlike many electric vehicles, the G4-10 doesn’t require any additional and expensive charging infrastructure. With an onboard charger, the G4-10 can be charged via the mains socket ensuring an exceptionally long operating time. Available with either lead-acid or lithium-ion, there are two battery sizes to choose from, ensuring the right battery size and technology is paired correctly to the application. The lithium-ion battery option allows for a payload capacity of up to 913kg. Battery options include:

11.5 kWh 48V 240Ah lead-acid battery
15.4 kWh 48V 320Ah lead-acid battery
9.0 kWh 48V 190Ah lithium-ion battery
14.0 kWh 48V 300Ah lithium-ion battery

A Comfortable Working Environment

The G4 provides a safe and comfortable working environment. The lightweight aluminium cab is protected with polypropylene bumpers and includes ABS glass front and rear screens with electric front wiper, screen wash and electric heated front windscreen.

Both driver and passenger have adjustable seats and padded adjustable headrests and afforded excellent all-round visibility with a rear cab window and fully glazed doors with views of pavement and kerb.

The instrument panel incorporates a high-definition LCD colour display which includes battery discharge indicator, digital speedometer, odometer and low-level warning lights.

Road Legal Utility Vehicle

The G4-10 electric utility vehicle is fully road legal following all regulations to ensure safe operation on public highways. With front disk brakes and rear drum brakes, dual-circuit hydraulic brake system, electronic regenerative braking under deceleration with a proportioning electric braking system and a hand-operated park brake with a torque limiting sensor, the G4-10 is well-equipped with reliable braking systems. Additionally, the G4-10 includes the following, power-assisted steering as an option, full road legal lighting for day and night operations, amber flashing beacon, safety seat cut-out, horn, emergency isolator, and an audible warning in reverse, among others.

Safety Features

The G4 incorporates electronic regenerative braking under deceleration with proportioning electric braking.  The dual-circuit hydraulic brake system comes with front disk brakes and rear drum brakes, and hand-operated park brake with a torque-limiting sensor.

A high/low-speed switch with two-speeds; 6.5 and 31mph give operators control to reduce the vehicles speed restricted sites to prevent over speeding.

The G4 incorporates a safety seat cut out whereby the vehicle will not operate unless the driver is seated.

Ride and Handling

Constructed with McPherson suspensions at the front and with composite blades at the back, a double circuit brake system produces a comfortable ride.

Responsive acceleration comes from a 48-volt Curtis controller and reaches a maximum speed of 31mph, and handles gradients up to 30%.

Battery Options

11.5 kWh 48v 240Ah Lead Acid

11.5 kWh 48v 240Ah Lead Acid

Onboard Charger

30amp High Frequency 8.5 Hour Recharge

Supply: 240v Single Phase

Current Draw: 12 Amp Input

Range (WLTP cycle): 50 miles


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