PRM and People Carriers

For further information about each of the following vehicle ranges and a detailed specification please click one of the vehicle options below.

Villager 4 personnel carrierVillager 4 Range

4 seater passenger carrier



Villager 6 personnel carrierVillager 6 Range

6 seater passenger carrier





Villager 8 personnel carrierVillager 8 Range

8 seater passenger carrier



Bradshaw AV6 people carrierAV6 passenger transport

6 seater passenger carrier, designed to assist PRM




Ambulance Buggy - Carryall 300Ambulance Buggy – Carryall 300

Ambulance buggy with Canopy Top and Screen
Driver and rear facing bucket seats, stretcher



Transporter 4Transporter 4

4 Seater Passenger/Load Carrier
Payload capacity 680KG



Club Car Transporter 6Transporter 6

6 Seater Passenger/Load Carrier
Payload capacity 680KG