Picnic, the online supermarket takes delivery of its 1,000th Goupil

The Dutch Supermarket Picnic has taken delivery of its 1000th Goupil. The supermarket founded in 2015 solely operates online, and the electric Goupil G4 is integral to its operations.  As 1 in 6 Dutch people do their grocery shopping online, there is a growing demand for a better, on-time, and more convenient home delivery service.

Revolutionising urban distribution and online grocery shopping Picnic is the fastest-growing Dutch supermarket with its eye’s set on the rest of Europe. In 2015, the estimated market share for Picnic’s online grocery retail was less than five per cent. In 2019, this had increased to over twenty per cent. Co-founder Joris Beckers states “We do happen to address one of today’s major challenges, namely the efficient distribution of food. Or, to look at it from a wider perspective: the challenge of making the food distribution supply chain more sustainable.” 

As part of that process, electromobility has been fundamental to Picnic’s success with the Goupil G4 playing a significant role. Being 100% electric the vehicles emit zero emissions and cheaper to run than diesel vehicles. Running a regular delivery route instead of using on-demand delivery enables the G4’s to operate daily deliveries on a single charge.

A well-designed delivery vehicle is critical to short drop time. The G4’s van body was specially designed to suit Picnic’s delivery model so deliveries can be unloaded from the outside on the long sides. Regular delivery vans have rear access with an aisle creating a considerable amount of empty space. The Picnic van bodies enable a similar load volume as a regular van but with a smaller vehicle.

The G4’s narrow dimensions enable drivers to park effortlessly and small enough, so they are less likely to interfere with the flow of traffic.

The 850 Goupil G4’s in Picnic’s fleet has helped Picnic achieve 95% on-time deliveries, and as Picnic continues to expand their operations, they plan to increases its electric vehicles to 2000 units within the next five years.


For more information about the the G4 range click here

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