Charge Fairy, which was launched to remove the hassle of finding readily available charge points within urban areas and beyond, has recently purchased three Goupil G4 Van Body vehicles from the UK’s leading supplier of electric utility vehicles, Bradshaw, to further its offering within its designated service areas.

Established in 2020, Charge Fairy provides direct charging services for both EV consumers and fleets in order to eradicate the stress of locating charge points in busy urban zones where competition for access to public charging points is high amongst city dwellers without at-home charging facilities.

By signing up to the subscription-based service, Charge Fairy customers can benefit from the no frills, no fuss charging option that removes the need for them to fit vehicle charging into their daily routine – ultimately allowing them to get on with their day.

Through connecting their vehicle manufacturer’s account with the official Charge Fairy app, the business is able to track the vehicle’s location, usage and charge statistics in real time – checking their odometer, charge and location once per day in order to build up a profile that predicts when they will need their next charge. 

Once a charge is required, a Charge Fairy mechanic will be sent out to the vehicle’s location and while idle, they will be able to gain access to its charge port and connect it to their purpose-built, battery-powered mobile charger with 15m cables – enabling the vehicle to be charged within just 20 minutes without the need of the driver’s presence.

With further support for EV charging infrastructure desperately needed in to facilitate the ‘electric wave’ in the UK, this one-of-a-kind solution enables for a charging option to be brought directly to the customer’s vehicle, whenever the need arises, regardless of the time of day or night.

Having initially opted for a Nissan E-NV200 as their vehicle of choice during the first 12 months of operating, Charge Fairy sought to purchase a vehicle that not only had a more suitable payload to handle the heavy lithium-ion battery but one that could also easily access vehicles situated in narrow urban streets and within parking structures.

After undertaking extensive research into identifying alternative vehicles that would meet their requirements, Charge Fairy Founder Ed Lea came across Bradshaw EV’s G4 Goupil vehicles, a range of fully electric utility vehicles which are ideally suited for transporting equipment in and around urban areas.

After being impressed with its on-road performance, size and payload, Ed Lea believed the decision to add the G4’s to his existing fleet was a “no brainer”, feeling the vehicles would help drive Charge Fairy forward and complement its overall offering.

Ed commented: “Charge Fairy provides a more diverse charging eco-system to ensure electric vehicles become a realistic option for those currently residing in urban areas, or operators who are actively looking to electrify their fleets.

“This is essentially where the concept of Charge Fairy initially originated from. I’d had numerous conversations with friends and neighbours regarding the lack of EV charging infrastructure within urban areas – to the point where it deterred them from purchasing an electric vehicle – and from those conversations it was clear that a solution was needed in order to make owning an electric vehicle while living in a city centre less painstaking. Therefore, I thought, why create a solution whereby a charging option could be bought directly to the consumer – and so Charge Fairy was born. 

“With the Goupil G4s we not only found a vehicle that was able to navigate through the challenges of urban infrastructure but one with a low footprint and a payload that could handle a larger lithium-ion battery without the battery life being compromised. “

Ed continued: “The Goupil G4 just ticked all our boxes and ultimately allow us to service city dwellers within urban areas more seamlessly as well as give us the option to use a larger lithium-ion battery thanks to the generous payload – enabling us to carry out more charges in any given cycle.

“Charge Fairy has ambitious plans over the next few years as we look to take our service nationwide and the Goupil vehicles will undoubtedly underpin our operation, especially in urban-centric areas. We would like to thank Bradshaw with their ongoing cooperation, consultation and support with supplying their best-in-class vehicles to us.”

Ramsy Labassi, Marketing Manager at Bradshaw Electric Vehicles also said: “Charge Fairy is an innovative brand that are providing a ready-made solution to a significant, well-documented issue within the industry, and we were delighted to assist them in supplying our Goupil G4 to help them drive the EV market forward.

“Due to their size, their 50–101-mile range and generous 1022kg payload, the G4 electric vehicles are ideal for urban use – especially when you factor in the quietness of the vehicle which will come in handy for Charge Fairy’s night-time visits in residential streets and neighbourhoods.”

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