A 100% electric vehicle is helping in the smooth operation of a Lancashire hospital. Bradshaw’s Goupil G4 performs a variety of daily tasks at the Royal Preston Hospital, operated by the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

With a range of duties to perform to ensure the daily needs of patients are met, hospital staff were looking for a small, versatile vehicle with a good range, that would not require much down time for charging.

With a relationship with Bradshaw stretching back 10 years, they knew exactly where to turn so their needs were met with speed and efficiency.

Available as a pick-up, van and waste collector, the Goupil G4 is designed to transport people and equipment. With an operational range of 68 miles and a maximum speed of 31 mph, the G4 is equipped with a variety of body types to cater to the customer’s specific requirements and features a safe and secure cabin with both left and right hand drive options.

Stephen Calder, Acting Assistant Manager of the Trust’s Portering Department, said the Goupil G4 fitted the bill perfectly.

He said: “We received our G4 in May of this year and we use it for everything.

“We wanted zero emissions as part of the Greener NHS programme.

“We use it to collect laundry from the resident buildings and education centres, we move furniture, it is also used to collect grounds waste and tow bins when required.

“The fact that it’s electric means we’re not using a large, diesel-powered vehicle, saving on fuel costs and emissions. Its smaller and very nimble and allows access to tighter spaces around the hospital, meaning we are more efficient as a portering team.

“It’s a great asset to our department.”

He added: “Bradshaw had to make a few minor adjustments to meet our requirements and we liaised very closely with them on this. But it has been a great asset, regularly used by about six different drivers, and has helped us work more quickly and efficiently across the hospital site.”

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