450kg Payload

1.5t Tow Capacity

24v DC Controller

The SC100 is a cost-effective solution to improve efficiency in warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing plants. Featuring a spacious load bed and a 450kg payload capacity the SC100 makes stock-picking effortless.  Available with an integrated 4, 5 or 6-step ladder operators can pick materials from higher locations.

Manoeuvrable and Versatile

The three-wheel SC100 has a turning radius of 1780mm, enabling the stock chaser to negotiate narrow aisles and tight corners effortlessly. 

The pick-up body and cage body options keep large items secure during transportation and adding increased volume.

An optional range of tow hitches are available enabling the SC100 to tow up to 1500kg converting the stock chaser into a lightweight tow tractor.

Operator Comfort

Retrieving and transporting loads is easy and comfortable, with a 178mm low step height it makes entry and exit easy.

A padded angled backrest offers a comfortable driving position while operating the vehicle and doubles up as a knee rest while using the ladder to pick stock, allowing the operator to be comfortable at all times.

The cloverleaf steering wheel provides unobstructed access to the load bed from the operator position and responsive steering and control while operating the vehicle.

Electric - Zero-emissions

Powered by 24V electric batteries, the SC100 produces zero-emissions and reaches a top speed of up to 12 kph. 
The SC100 is available with a 24v 185Ah lead acid or a 24v 154Ah gel maintenance-free battery, both incorporating an on-board charger.


The SC100 includes a mechanical brake on the rear axle, and an independent hand operated park brake.  The operator presence sensor detects if the driver leaves the platform and automatically comes to a stop.
Audible warning devises include horn and reverse beeper, with the option of an automatic white noise in forward.  Optional blue spot warning lights provide a silent visual aid to increase on-site safety operations.
Low step height makes entry and exiting the vehicle safe and secure.


Integrated ladder with the choice of 4, 5 or 6 steps
Range of tow hitch options permits 1500kg towing capacity
A keypad in place of the standard key switch

Technical Specification



Tow Capacity

1.5t / 1,500kg (requires optional tow hitch)

Payload Capacity




Drive unit



Service weight (including largest battery)

451 kg

Service weight (excluding battery)

339 kg


Overall length

2178 mm

Overall width

748 mm

Overall height

1225 mm


Max drawbar pull (laden / unladen)

600 N

Max. gradeability (laden / unladen)

5 / 15 %

Travel speed forwards (laden / unladen)

5 / 12 kph

Travel speed backwards

5 kph

Drawbar pull (60 minute rating @ 5kph)

400 N


Battery voltage


Battery sizes available

185Ah | 154Ah Gel MF

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