1,500kg Payload

24v AC Controller

The PFB1500-1100  electric pedestrian control load carrier has a wide range of uses across a broad section of application and industries.  The flatbed body is a perfect choice for carrying heavy loads across warehouses and factories, whist the platform offers versatility to mount auxiliary equipment like a CET unit for the rail industry. For the waste movement, the PFB1500-1100 is available with a cage body and High tip waste collector.

Designed as a pedestrian, pull-along the PFB1500-1100 can access narrow streets, alleyways, pavements and platforms and entirely safe for use in areas with high pedestrian footfall.  The PFB1500-1100 is a robust and versatile vehicle to have in your fleet.

Braking Systems

The PFB1500-1100 features a range of brake systems as standard including hydraulic drum brakes on the rear wheels and regenerative electronic braking under deceleration, helping to improve control of the vehicle while in operation. Additionally, the load carrier benefits from dynamic speed sensing to prevent over-speeding, ensuring enhanced safety for the operator and pedestrians in the vicinity, as well as an automatically applied transmission parking brake to ensure the vehicle remains stationary while not in use.

Battery Options

The PFB1500-1100 battery sizes available are, a 24V 240Ah lead-acid, a 24v 320Ah lead-acid, a 24v 240Ah gel maintenance-free, or a 24v 280Ah gel maintenance-free battery. The PFB1500-1100 battery options include battery fill system (BFS) and low electrolyte level indicator or one of two battery auto fillers enhancing maintenance.


To ensure the PFB1500-1100 aligns closely with health and safety expectations and guidelines, we’ve included a number of safety features as standard including an amber flashing warning beacon, speed limit settings, body protection switch, a horn, emergency stop button at waist-height and automatic audible warning when reversing. In addition to our standard features, there is the option to customise and enhance the load carrier with extra features including, a range of front, side, tail, brake, and reverse lights, blue spot warning lights, high/low-speed switch on the tiller head and automatic white noise audible warning when operating forwards.

Load Bed Options

The flatbed model has a 2100mm x 1100mm x 620mm plywood deck and range of body options to suit various applications; pick-up with aluminium sides, PVC cover body, cage body, box van, or an aluminium high-tip waste collection body.  The platform body lends itself to additional auxiliary equipment, like a water bowser or CET unit.

Body Options

-01 Flatbed

Resin coated anti-slip plywood deck
Four flush lashing points fitted to deck


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