Specials and Bespoke Manufacture

As well as a wide range of standard electric vehicles covering a multitude of applications, Bradshaw specialises in design and build of bespoke electric vehicles to meet specific requirements that customers have.

This may be modifications to our existing product range, from the simple alteration to a tow hitch, through to complete chassis redesign.  Our team has vast experience of designing vehicles for a range of applications, with the ability to design and manufacture to meet the specific build criteria even for specialist applications such as those within MOD, nuclear industry and confined areas.

Below are some examples of bespoke vehicles we have developed for customers.

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Bespoke Tunnel Trucks

Bespoke Tunnel Trucks – TT1000

Electric trucks specifically designed to be driven from either end to allow the vehicle to easily go back and forth in the tunnel.

The TT1000 electric trucks are capable of carrying up to 4,000kg and towing up to 10,000kg.

 PT300 with electric lifting tow hitch

PT400 with electric lifting tow hitch

This vehicle is designed to tow loads up to 4,000 kg but this vehicle also required the operator to be able to lift the front of the towed load as well.

T30 Tow Tractor

30 Tonne Tow Tractor

30 tonne tow tractor designed with 1800mm clearance between the wheels in order to over a pit in the paint shop, which was achieved by fitting 2 off drive motors to the rear wheels, special build chassis with offset cab.

 Special T80

Special T80

A tow vehicle designed to work in underground tunnels. It is only 450mm wide but still can tow up to 800kg.

 T30 push - pull

T30 push – pull

A tow tractor that can tow loads up to 30 tonnes and can push them as well. This vehicle also had an airbrake system on it for extra safety.

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 Transporter 4 wheel chair conversion

Transporter 4 wheel chair conversion

A vehicle that allows easy access for wheel chairs, that is then firmly fixed to the chassis for safety, with a canopy top and screen for all weather protection. Used in many tourist sites and national parks.

 Turf 6 with a stretcher conversion

Turf 6 with a stretcher conversion

An all enclosed electric vehicle with a special internal area for a stretcher and medical team to work inside. Used on sites where normal ambulance access would be denied.

 PC1000 SBM


A special 4 wheel drive vehicle that runs on rails on a FPSO unit.  Built to Ex 2G explosive proof standards and independently verified. It has a crane for easy loading / unloading.

 FB3000 with bin lift

FB3000 with bin lift

This vehicle not only lifts the wheelie bins to unload them, but it also has a compactor built into it to maximise the internal space and therefore maximise the amount of waste collected per trip.

 FB3000 with tail lift

FB3000 with tail lift

This vehicle was designed to move roll cages. The operator can walk inside the body with the roll cage, secure them then walk out and down the tail lift. Access to the cages from the side is through a roller shutter door.

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