Carryall 550 Electric Range

The Carryall 550 has great maneuverability, even on the most difficult terrains. Featuring 6.4 inches of ground clearance, a sturdy differential guard and rough terrain tyres to resist nails and other sharp objects.

Carry up to 408kg, the Carryall 550 Turf is designed and built from the ground up to handle the tough terrain and is the go-anywhere, do-anything vehicle that provides the power you need, when you need it.  If your to-do list is as long as the day, the 550 is rugged, revved up and ready to go the distance.

A high-output charger, controller, on-board computer and battery system deliver fast charging and superior power range.

(The Carryall 550 replaces the previous model Turf 252)


Carryall 550 - Option SCCA550E1Carryall 550 Electric – Standard

Load carrier
Option SCCA550E1



Carryall 550 - Option SCCA550E2Carryall 550 Electric – Canopy Top

Load Carrier with Canopy Top and Screen
Option SCCA550E2




Carryall 550 - Option SCCA550E3Carryall 550 Electric – Vinyl Door Cab

Load Carrier with Lockable Vinyl Door Cab
Option SCCA550E3




Carryall 550 - Option SCCA550E4Carryall 550 Electric – Slam Door Cab

Load Carrier with Lockable Slam Glass Door Cab
Option SCCA550E4





Carryall 550 - Option SCCA550E5Carryall 550 Electric – Slam Door Cab

Load Carrier with Lockable Slam Glass Door Cab and Weather Proof Cover
Option SCCA550E5





Carryall 550 - Option SCCA550E6Carryall 550 Electric – Slam Door Cab

Load Carrier with Lockable Slam Door Cab and Aluminium Van Body
Option SCCA550E6