Carryall 550 Petrol Range

For further information about each of the following vehicle ranges and a detailed specification please click one of the vehicle options below.


Carryall 550 - Option SCCA550P1Carryall 550 Petrol – Standard

Load carrier
Option SCCA550P1




Carryall 550 - Option SCCA550P2Carryall 550 Petrol – Canopy Top

Load Carrier with Canopy Top and Screen
Option SCCA550P2





Carryall 550 - Option SCCA550E3Model Carryall 550 Petrol – Vinyl Door Cab

Load Carrier with Lockable Vinyl Door Cab
Option SCCA550P3





Carryall 550 - Option SCCA550E4Model Carryall 550 Petrol – Slam Door Cab

Load Carrier with Lockable Slam Glass Door Cab
Option SCCA550P4