Many of our electric vehicles are ideal in and around hospital sites.  Whether it is an electric vehicle to collect waste or recycling, to deliver medical equipment around the hospital site, for gas bottle movement or vehicles to help transport patients and visitors, Bradshaw has the solution.

Our extensive product range includes corridor-friendly pedestrian controlled and ride-on tow tractors.

We can also supply transport solutions for external use.  Vehicles are available for waste collection, and food, linen or pharmacy deliveries, our road vehicles are great for transportation between sites.

All vehicles can be outright purchased, leased or rented.  Service packages are available and you can always count on our awareness that hospitals have to operate 365 days a year.

All of our equipment can be designed for your particular requirements.  Vehicles are available for on site demonstrations to prove we have the right vehicle for your application at no cost.

Pharmacy, Stores, Medical Records and General Deliveries