Case Studies

Effective Solution for moving waste at Heathrow Terminal 2

Bradshaw Electric Vehicles provided ISS World with an effective solution for moving waste at Heathrow Terminal 2.

ISS World, one of the world’s leading Facility Services companies, purchased the Pedestrian Controlled PT50 from Bradshaw ready for the opening of Heathrow Terminal 2.  ISS World specialise in providing the full range of facility services to public agencies and private sector companies across a wide range of markets.

The Pedestrian Controlled PT50 was put in to Terminal 2 to move waste and recycling from storage to compactors, ready for collection.  Reducing manual handling and safety were key priorities for the facilities management company, ensuring that stringent safety requirements were met and the manual handling risk minimised.

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Electric Vehicle – a good ‘handling’ option that ticks the boxes

Whether you are operating in a public or private healthcare setting you will have the common objective of delivering good standards of service across your site, within ever tightening budgetary constraints. This sector and many others remain under constant scrutiny, every buying decision needs to be right, from the smaller incidental purchases to larger capital investments.

Some criteria for your shopping list will of course vary, but in an environment where cost, energy efficiency, environmental impact and Health & Safety are part of almost every purchase decision, you need to tick a growing number of boxes.


Leicester General Hospital Case Study

A safer, more efficient and cost effective solution to moving hospital gas cylinders
When the new operating theatre complex was built at Leicester General Hospital, facilities’ access to the new building was up a ramp. It meant that two staff were required to manually move large theatre medical gas cylinders up and down the slope on a regular basis…

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University Hospital Case Study

Movement of trailers cages, waste bins & medical gases.
When the ISS Facility Services team at University Hospital, Coventry needed to review and replace their vehicles, they looked to Bradshaw Electric Vehicles, led by their reputation for good quality build and reliability…

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Heathrow Airport Case Study

Goods handling
Bradshaw Electric Vehicles has provided a major retail supplier with an effective airside handling solution at Heathrow airport. The PT300 Pedestrian Controlled electric vehicle helps to safely unload and move products across the busy airport.

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Astro Lighting Case Study

Goods handling
Bradshaw supplied the T800 Tow Tractor to Astro Lighting and it has been integral to the success of the new warehousing set-up – it ensures that both goods in and out have the stock available for order fulfillment, 24/7 – it’s versatility means it can be utilised across the site.

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